A myriad of personal safety issues we are witnessing in the 21st Century


Leading Edge Threat Mitigation is the only entity that will accurately address the myriad of personal safety issues we are witnessing in the 21st Century. Using a multi faceted approach, we aim to address the threat from a common sense perspective. The tactics compiled for these courses are the same tactics that allowed police personnel to survive and thrive when combating the hard core criminal element. The physical techniques are derived from a practical martial arts method that propelled students to world and national karate championships titles.

Our world has developed into the type of place where the rights of criminals more often than not, trump the rights of honest, hard working and law abiding citizens. Society has seen criminal acts take place in our churches, schools, fast food restaurants, libraries, public public parks, neighborhoods and in our own homes. Violent criminals are even deploying technology to assist them in their methods. Now is the time that the good guys learn when and how to fight back, mentally and if the need arises, physically as well.

Joey Walker (see his resume) will teach you how the use of intelligent tactics and sound tried and true physical techniques will increase your survival odds and can defeat the violent offender. No tricks, gimmicks or techniques that will only work on paper with a simulated attacker. These techniques really work and with the proper instruction and dedicated practice, you too can become proficient. All it takes is your personal commitment to begin your training and follow through to retain your technical competence.

Read Joey's Book, Your Guide to Mastering Basic Street-Smart Self-Defense!

Self Defense Techniques & Tactics By Joey WalkerVictims of physical attacks seldom expect to be the target of an aggressor. Don’t wait and become another statistic. Be prepared and protect yourself. Self-Defense Techniques & Tactics is your guide to mastering basic street-smart self-defense and develop the survival skills and strategies to feel safe in any environment.

The preventive measures, defensive maneuvers, and combinations in this book require no prior experience to perform. Through clear instruction and photographs, you will learn how to defend yourself by generating pain compliance, incapacitating the aggressor, and asserting control in life-threatening situations. You will also learn necessary mental tactics that have been tested and proven successful in actual combat.

From learning to assess threats and spot potential danger signs to disarming weapons from your attackers, Self-Defense Techniques & Tactics will teach you how to protect yourself when your safety is threatened.


Book Contents
Chapter 1. Essentials of Personal Defense
Chapter 2. Mental Readiness
Chapter 3. Conditioning and Basic Moves
Chapter 4. Hand Strikes
Chapter 5. Defense Against Hand Strikes
Chapter 6. Kicks
Chapter 7. Defense Against Kicks
Chapter 8. Breaking Holds and Defending Against Weapons
Chapter 9. Tactics for Street Situations


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