Our physical techniques are derived from a practical martial arts method


"It was very nice meeting you yesterday and I would like to thank you again for your time. It was valuable insight for students to hear first hand from someone who has experience with the criminal and the justice system. The close up, physical contact was priceless for some of these ladies; feeling what it is like to be restrained or pinned. Some don't have brothers, participate in a sport or have an opportunity where they can get on the ground and wrestle with someone, practice breaking holds and choking someone out. I'll bet most have never seen 2 people wrestling on the ground together, let alone an actual fight! Thank you for your patience and good humor, the class was informative and enlightening for all."

Carol Morrell
NRA Certified Instructor / Women's Shooting Academy-Lead Instructor

"You met and exceeded any and all expectations that I had....THANK YOU! I am excited to see what we can do in this community and beyond as we move forward."

Vicki Kawelmacher

"It is my pleasure to write a letter of reference for Joseph B. Walker. His extensive experience, training, and dedication in the field of law enforcement make him an asset in any endeavor. In his 25 years with the Reno, Nevada Police Department, Mr. Walker served in several capacities, including Patrol Watch Commander, Detective, Internal Affairs, Crime Scene Investigations, Instructor to the Defensive Tactics Instructors, the D.A.R.E. Program, and Public Relations. Mr. Walker also worked with the Los Angeles Police Departments (LAPD) Gang Unit and was assigned to South Central Los Angeles. He trained with the LAPD Threat Management Unit, which investigated stalking cases. The Police Officers Guide to Stalking Investigations, a handbood created to facilitate the law enforcement officer's understanding of stalkers and their victims, was assembled by Mr. Walker. As a 9th degree black belt holder in karate and holder of two world and two international karate championship titles, Mr. Walker has used his martial art skills and law enforcement experience and training to perform dignitary protection for high-profile visitors to Reno. Some of those under his protection include Martin Luther King III, Bernice King, the late President Gerald Ford, and Hand Aaron. Advanced preparation for this responsibility was attained by attending the United States Secret Service Small Unit and Dignitary Protection. I highly recommend Joseph B. Walker for your consideration. His excellent qualifications, coupled with his knowledge, training, and commitment to the field of law enforcement make him an exceptional choice. I have always told my students there should be a variety of tools in their self defense tool box. This seminar provided diversity to their training & education. Good stuff!"

Bernice Mathews
Nevada State Senator

"My name is Bishop Donnie Williams. I am the Presiding Bishop of The Family Church International, and a Reserve Policeman for the City of Monrovia, CA and President of the MPD Chaplains Corps, and former World’s Karate Champion. I recommend Mr. Joey Walker, to you and your organization, with high regards and high morals and ethical standards. His physical and mental abilities are above the norm. Mr. Walker also a former National Champion of Karate, and a fomer Lieutenant with the Reno Police Department. Please accept my recommendation as works of commitment to Mr. Joey Walker’s ability. Yours truly."

Bishop Donnie Williams

"On behalf of the POST Academy's Edge Weapons Defensive Tactics Training conducted on Friday, August 14, 2009, I would like to thank you for taking time away fro your busy schedule to teach these young men and women of the 2009 POST Academy Personal Safety in defending themselves against edge weapon attacks. Your assistance and the information shared to those in attendance, both verbally and physically were greatly appreciated. The feedback we received from this class has been enthusiastic and positive. The evaluation sheets from the attendees were exceptionally high. It is through community spirit and concerned instructors such as yourself that these types of awareness programs can be offered to aid law enforcement personnel to better protect themselves in the line of duty. Your dedication to improving the safety of the men and women of the POST Academy is to be commended. Thank you very much!."

Gary Turner, Chief
Basic Training Bureau
Commission on Peace Officer's Standards and Training



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